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Learn about Buddhism and meditation at the following Triratna Buddhist Centres.

There are thousands of Buddhist web sites around the world with a wealth of information for further Buddhist study. Here are a few.

Triratna in Australia 


      Sydney Buddhist Centre

      Melbourne Buddhist Centre

       Adelaide Triratna

      Toowoomba Buddhist Centre

      Triratna Brisbane Buddhist Centre

      Canberra Triratna Group

      Triratna South Coast of NSW

      Naganaga Women's Vihara NSW

      Vijayaloka Retreat Centre NSW

      Port Fairy & District Buddhist Community

      Triratna in Australia and New Zealand

Triratna in New Zealand


      Auckland Buddhist Centre

      Wellington Buddhist Centre

      Sudarshanaloka Retreat Centre





      Triratna Links Worldwide


Other Buddhist Links


      Windhorse Books

      Windhorse carries an extensive range of books, magazines, posters and cards devoted to

       Buddhism which you can order online.

       Windhorse Books is a non-profit business run by Australian Buddhists in the spirit of the

       Buddha's teachings. Our aim is to make available quality books on Buddhism and meditation.


      Naga Books



      Wildmind is run by Bodhipaksa, a Buddhist teacher and author who has been practicing within

       the Triratna Buddhist Order since 1982 and a member of the Western Buddhist Order since

       1993. Bodhipaksa previously taught the course, Traditions of Buddhist Meditation at the

       University of Montana. Wildmind's activities include:

          *Providing free information on the internet in a variety of languages.

          *Publishing guided meditation CDs.

          *Conducting online classes in meditation and other forms of Buddhist practice.


      Free Buddhist Audio

      Download podcasts and texts. The site features hundreds of free talks as well as  guided

       meditations, retreat recordings and interviews.



      Buddhanet is a very good resource for all kinds of Buddhist related information.


      Quiet Mountain

      A resource for Tibetan Buddhist informaton.


      Zen Guide

       A resource for Zen and Buddhism  practitoners.


      Access to Insight

      Readings in Theravada Buddhism.


      Guide to Online Schools - Buddhist Studies




       Chris Waite (Composer)




Breathworks Mindfulness for Health Courses

       Chris Waite (Limestone Coast, SA)

       Amitasraddha (Melbourne, Vic)

       Yasokaruna (Sydney, NSW)

       Breathworks Teachers in Australia

       Vidyamala & Sona (Breathworks UK)

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